One-of-a-Kind Travel Jewelry Bag

At Simply Sown of Oceanside, California, we offer hand-sewn travel rolls and jewelry bags. Our original jewelry travel rolls allow you to carry your jewelry safely and securely.

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Jewelry Travel Rolls

The blingzy Jewelry Travel Roll (patent pending) features a clever design that keeps your jewelry separate and free from tangles. It's attractive, functional, and an easy way to bring your bling with you on the road. Each blingzy travel roll includes a bookmark that tells you the story of the woman who sewed the bag, as well as information about the nonprofit organizations we support and the work they do.

Blingzy, which weighs just 2.5 ounces, is the first of our hand-sewn products and costs just $24.99. Your purchase of a blingzy jewelry bag helps support women who have been victims of human trafficking or domestic violence.


Enamel coated jewelry should either not be packed in the blingzy or must be wrapped in tissue paper before laying it on the liner. The liner has a negligible amount of oil that may react with enamel and remove the paint from the piece. Painted jewelry could experience the same reaction so wrap painted pieces in tissue paper first.

Available Colors

• PURPLE PASSION - Eggplant Purple with Black Interior
• CHOCOLATE DELIGHT - Chocolate Brown with Green Interior
• MARTINI OLIVE - Olive Green with Taupe Interior

• INDIGO GIRL - Navy Blue with Red Interior
• RED HOT LOVER - Cinnabar Red with Navy Blue Interior

Blingzy Color Options


More blingzy Color Options


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