Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about the blingzy™ and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send an email to



Is my blingzy™ washable?

Yes, you can even put it in your washing machine on delicate cycle cold water. Air dry or dry for 2 minutes on low temp in the dryer and it’s good to go.


Can I pack painted or enameled jewelry in the blingzy™?

Enamel coated jewelry should be wrapped in tissue paper before laying it on the liner. The liner has a negligible amount of oil that may react with enamel and remove the paint from the piece. Painted jewelry could experience the same reaction so wrap painted pieces in tissue paper first.


What is the proper way to pack it?

Unroll your blingzy out on a flat, dry surface and lay out your bracelets, watches, necklaces, rings and earring in neat parallel rows spaced an inch or so apart. Begin at the liner or non-fabric end and tightly roll up the liner so that it grasps and holds each piece. Once it is rolled up carefully tie each strap by pulling through one time. There is no need to knot it.  Twist the one leather end so both sides show the black color on top.


What is the proper way to unpack the blingzy™ or change out pieces of jewelry? 

Untie the straps and carefully and slowly unroll the blingzy onto a flat dry surface. Take out your new piece and replace it.


Why the name "blingzy™"?

When I was travelling tons and wanting to bring some of my new cool necklaces and bracelets, I asked my girlfriends for a recommendation on a jewelry travel case. Most of them shook their heads and complained using the word “tangled” to describe the experience of bringing jewelry on vacations or business trips. One even packed her jewelry in several little bags and was always misplacing them in her suitcase. Since I had purchased several jewelry travel things, many which were beautiful and costly, and ended up not using a single one of them more than once, I realized there was a need out there for something better. I did a Survey Monkey to see what women most wanted in a jewelry travel device and the top 3 wants are: tangle free, packs quick and easy, accommodates big stuff too. The blingzy meets those needs and more (fits in a hotel safe, fits in many purses) and allows you to give back at the same time.


How did you come up with the idea for blingzy™? 

About 8 years ago I was travelling a lot for work and had been buying some cool jewelry. I wanted to bring it along but I couldn’t find the right travel case. They were too small, too big or took too much time to pack. Travelling every week made me abhor packing so my goal was to make all my travel packing easy as pie. I think we were putting new drawer liner in our kitchen at the time and somehow I thought that this could work. A long story later and I added fabric and straps and went from a glued version to a sewn one. I used my first “blingzy” every week for 5 years and it still looks good. These are more durable and improved than my first version. The improvements are all the result of “blue sky thinking” while taking my dogs for a walk.


Why are these women sewing it?

I could have had blingzy made overseas but I wanted it to be Made in America.  It was also a dream of mine to provide income flexible opportunities for women in challenging situations. Since the product does not require advanced sewing skills, I sought out women who really needed the extra income and could use flexibility to sew at home. My vision is to find other groups and women in challenging situations where flexible work arrangements could help them achieve greater independence.


Can men use the blingzy™? 

Of course! Our colors are suitable for men and it’s a great way to carry and protect expensive watches and other jewelry when men travel. Large watches should be carried in a separate blingzy to keep them well protected. Men love bringing bling when they travel, too.  Father’s Day and birthdays, ladies….. Men love the idea of this but would probably not buy it for themselves.


Can you put any jewelry in the blingzy™? 

Yes, lay out your bracelets, watches and necklaces in neat rows. Rings and earrings can be placed inside the pocket. If laid centrally on the liner, keep small jewelry like rings and earrings in the middle to minimize any chance of falling out. 


What if my jewelry is slipping? 

Make sure you roll the first item tightly and keep good contact with each piece as you roll it. Roll tightly and evenly and unroll carefully as well. Keep an inch or so between each item, larger if your adjacent pieces are bulky, to maximize cushioning.


How do I pack big earrings and long necklaces? 

Large earrings can be placed on the liner in rows spaced an inch or more apart. Some may fit in the edge pocket. When you remove them, be careful if the hoops have hooked into the liner. Longer necklaces can be doubled over and laid so that no part hangs over the edge of the liner.


How do I pack rigid bangle bracelets?

The original blingzy™ is not optimal for bangles unless that is all you pack. If so lay two across and allow enough space between to roll the entire bangle width. You could add another row of them as well. We may design a blingzy exclusively for bangles in the future. The other way is to roll up your jewelry and “ring” the bangles on the outside of the roll.


Wht this fabric? 

I chose faux suede and faux leather to keep it animal-free and vegan. The fabric has a rich, luxurious texture. The straps look and function like leather. Plus these materials are all washable, highly durable and resist stains.


Why this liner?

Well, this liner is a big part of the magic of the blingzy™. In fact, its anti-slip properties are why there is a patent pending on the blingzy. If you pack it properly it keeps your bling in place and cushioned so it stays tangle-free and protected from scratches.


What is your return or refund policy?

The blingzy™ is lovingly made by women in need who literally put their unique human story (a bookmark) into each piece. Each one is handmade and may have subtle imperfections but nothing that would interfere with the look or functionality of the product.  After all, we are all perfectly imperfect ourselves. We believe our photos beautifully represent the product and colors but we know that sometimes things look different once you receive them.

 If within 30 days of purchase, you are not happy with the product and it is still in new condition, please email us at for return instructions.  We will be happy to refund your purchase or exchange for a different color.  You will be responsible for any shipping costs.  


Do you provide a warranty?

The blingzy™ is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. Please contact us at for a return authorization.


Are you going to make blingzy™ in other colors and sizes? 

I have plans for animal prints (possibly zebra, cow, and leopard) in the fall, cool prints and additional sizes next year: baby blingzy™ (to carry in smaller purses), big blingzy™ (for those of us who only wear long and bulky bling), bangle blingzy™ (for the rigid bangle bracelets).


Can you tell me more about the contest?

All contests will be judged by my team at our sole discretion. Entries for the following month must be submitted by the 15th of the previous month. We will announce the monthly winners on our website and/or in our monthly newsletter by the 1st of each month. Winners of the "What's in your blingzy?" and "Travel Tips" contest will be identified by their first name and last initial and city, state where they live. The winners will also be notified by email. June 2014 will start our contest so submissions must be in by May 15.  All non-winning entries will carry over to the following months.


Are the Jewelry Artists of the Month winners affiliated with you?

Please note that Simply Sown is not directly affiliated with any jewelry maker identified on the site and that we make no warranty as to the quality of items purchased from them.



Since I first put these words onto a slide in my first video, this has become my mantra for life.  Live the bling life means you are a beautiful soul inside so live your life knowing that, be beautiful in every way – inside and out,  be tangle-free means get rid of fears, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs that keep you from living from your highest purpose.  Because when we women can really live from our higher purpose…it’s better for everyone on the planet.