The blingzy is made of a luxurious, durable fabric on the outside and a cushiony, grippy liner on the inside. This unique combination of materials, for which there is a patent pending, provides you with the magic of the blingzy's functionality. It keeps your jewelry from moving and cushions each piece - eliminating scratches and tangling. Since packing it is as easy as laying your jewelry down in nice neat rows spaced an inch or so apart, it is so quick to get your bling ready for after the gym, a business trip or that much needed vacation.

The original blingzy is made of passion suede in 5 colors paired with 5 liner colors. Take your pick from Martini Olive (olive green with taupe liner), Passion Purple (purple with black liner), Indigo Girl (indigo blue with cadmium red liner), Chocolate Delight (chocolate brown with teal liner)  and Red Hot Lover (red brick with navy liner).

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