The 7 Sins

The 7 Sins

June 28, 2017

The 7 Sins to Avoid That Will Make Your Jewelry Last Longer

I call them the 7 deadly sins to avoid helping your jewelry last longer. Your jewelry will love you for it.

SIN #1 Showering

If you shower or shampoo or bath with jewelry on the chemicals in your gels, shampoos, scrubs, bubbles, oils and shaving creams can oxidize or damage your finishes with time. Scrubs could actually cause scratches on jewelry surfaces. So remove all jewelry before you get in the bath or shower.

SIN #2 Swimming

Remove all jewelry before taking a dip in your pool or the deep blue ocean or even a lake. Chlorine, salt water and lake water can definitely wreak havoc on jewelry with continued exposure. Chlorine can discolor jewelry super-fast. Salt can act as a corrosive against metals and beads. You’re gorgeous in your bikini sans jewelry. If you really want to bling out the swimwear, stay out of the pool.

SIN #3 Spraying

This is a cardinal rule so do your jewelry a favor by putting it on last before you leave the house.  Spray spritz, lather, slather your lotions oils, sprays and perfumes way early so they get absorbed on your skin not your jewelry. It’s best to do it right after you get out of the shower for maximum absorption anyway. These chemicals can easily tarnish and coat jewelry possibly causing damage and reducing the life of your jewelry.

SIN # 4 Sweating

Before working out when you’re likely to break a sweat, remove all jewelry. Sweat contains salt and it can tarnish your bling. So if you go for a run or head to the yoga studio, it’s always best to leave your jewels at home. Besides men find women who work out super sexy, so you don’t need the bling to look great.

SIN #5 Sleeping

Before you head to bed, remove your jewelry and put it in a safe place, out of the bathroom.  Moisture can cause premature tarnishing. If you have a small non ventilated bathroom, store your jewelry someplace else. If you sleep with a necklace or bracelet on, it could get tangled or damaged while you’re sleeping. We move a lot during sleep and stuff can get pulled.  So   allow your jewelry to have a rest too.

SIN #6 Sucking

Do not suck on your necklace, bracelet or rings. Your saliva contains salt and this can corrode jewelry. Not to mention the bacteria that is on jewelry. Yuck!  If you need to suck on something, buy a pacifier. Lol.

SIN #7 Stressing

Your jewelry is not a stress toy and can be more fragile so it is best to care for it as a delicate item. If you pull, twist and stretch your necklaces and bracelet, they are likely to break or sustain damage. If you usually twist or pull your hair, maybe you need a new job or to start meditating. Buy a stress ball for the time being.

Seriously , I want your jewelry to last as long as possible. The more you can avoid these 7 deadly sins, the longer your jewelry will last.  Be sure to care for your jewelry and to keep it clean. Stay tuned for my next video, Can We Guess The Best Ways to Clean Your Jewelry.

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