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Our Mission

Simply Sown, the maker of blingzy, is a socially responsible for-profit enterprise that lives its motto of "sewing seeds of kindness". That means we do seek to make money while primarily being conscious of how we can help others in the process and do less harm to the environment. It is our goal to help women get out of difficult situations and regain their self-esteem by providing them with income opportunities that allow them to work at home on their own time. We help support the organizations that serve these women on their journey to a better life and increased independence. We strive to provide a welcoming online community for women to give back when they buy, to find jewelry and travel tips, and to learn more about issues affecting women. We see our responsiblity as a triple play - we give you a great product that solves your problem of travelling with jewelry, we provide women in need with flexible income, and we donate a portion of our profits to non-profit service organizations. So when you buy a blingzy,  your money goes out into the world to do more good. 

About blingzy

The blingzy by Simply Sown is a jewelry case designed by me and sewn by women for women who frequently travel and need a convenient storage option for their jewelry.  The jewelry case we offer is made by women who have suffered from domestic violence or human trafficking. The owner serendipitously met the sisters of Hope House in a neighbors driveway and they provided the connection to these women who are our first sewing artists. 

Each woman is paid a fair trade wage, and a portion of the proceeds goes to Hope House and other organizations that support similar causes. Our company is a social enterprise that pursues social responsibility as a for-profit venture.

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Our first partner is Hope House in San Diego. We found each other magically the day after I prayed that I would find women in need to sew my product. Hope House is a safe house for trafficked women run by Sr. Sheila and Sr. Jean.  Human trafficking is modern day slavery where someone is held or trapped against their will through force, fraud or coercion. This non-profit provides for the basic needs of those who struggle to become survivors with another chance at life. Hope House provides services to help in their recovery process -- medical services, counseling, ESL and educational opportunities to gain employment. Hope House has served over 35 national and international women since 2010. To learn more about Hope House or to donate directly go to: http://www.stopenslavement.org/sdshopehouse.html. 


Our Sewing Artists


Meet Mariam….
Imagine working over 15 hours a day 7 days a week for 29c an hour with no vacation! In the 6 years she worked for a wealthy family in Qatar that adds to nearly 2200 days of hard labor. It was a false promise of a wonderful opportunity to earn money for her family in Ethiopia. She managed to run away when the family vacationed in Los Angeles. Now she is gradually making a new life for herself and her daughter. Through this sewing project she earns extra money to supplement what she can earn with her 5th grade education.


Meet Waithera…..
Her daughter had health needs, so a woman from Kenya thought leaving her country for employment would be the answer for her little girl. It was a lure with long hours, little pay and no breaks. After a year, she escaped and now has her papers to remain in the United States. She is studying so she will have a job that can support her and her daughter. She is starting to work her way to independence as a seamstress thanks to this sewing project.


Meet Kassandra….
A women from Costa Rica had great hopes of making a new life with her husband. Instead he forced her to work long hours and was physically abusive. She escaped and now looks forward to creating a new, improved life and to become a U.S. citizen. This sewing project will allow her to use her sewing talents to bring this lovely product to you.


Meet Asoka…..
It has been many years since this woman from Indonesia has seen her family or her children. Since there was no chance for work or pay in her native country, she followed the suggestions of a woman recruiter and came to the United States. She was shifted from one job to another and ended up in an abusive situation. She is free now, but still struggles to earn a living, having never attended school. Sewing is one of her gifts, so she is happy to bring this jewelry blingzy to you.

Monthly Contests

We hold monthly contests where we give away two of our jewelry cases. These contests include the "Featured Jewelry Artist of the Month", "What's In Your blingzy", and "Travel Tips." If your travel tip or blingzy is featured, you'll win a blingzy of your own.

About the Owner

The owner started blingzy after many years of traveling in corporate America. She wanted to take her favorite jewelry pieces on the road with her, but found that many of the jewelry cases out there just didn't work. Simply Sown allows her to create a unique product that is in high demand, donate to a great cause, and enjoy a more balanced life with her family, friends, and dogs.

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